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You Are Formally Invited to Shut Up and Write!

Each week in the Discord group, we try to run a writers sprint. A sprint is basically a timed writing exercise. You are brainstorming, writing what you can in a short amount of time. You can see how you stack up against other writers. We have a vocal chat open so you can laugh and giggle with everyone. So I would like to invite you to Shut Up and Write!

Click the picture to go to the Discord and add yourself to the event!

Today’s Shut Up and Write included me and fellow writer Shai August. The next one I hope to drag fellow label mate Alexis Craig along. Also feel free to just pop in and look around the Discord. There is always someone on to chat with, silly memes to share, also it’s where first looks and thoughts about my books go before anywhere else. It’s late, I am exhausted, and tomorrow I want to decant my cherry cheong into bottles. To find out about that journey, check out the Instagram page!

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