Book Updates

2023 Novel Sampler? Oh yes, Sampler Time!

We are getting closer and closer to my debut novel becoming a reality! In that vein, Three Fortnights Press (I’m so used to saying it, not spelling it that it took three tries. Good Lord) has released the 2023 Novel Sampler!

A cover of an ebook that says 2023 Novel Sampler. The Logos of Shai August, Alexis Craig, Lisette Blythe, and Iyan D appear, along with the logo of Three Fortnights Press
Let’s’ GOOO!!!!

This sampler doesn’t just include the first three chapters of Fall: A Year of Change. It also includes the works of Shai August, Alexis Craig, and fellow debut novelist Iyan D. The sampler includes the first three chapters of each of the books coming out in the beginning of 2023. We are very excited for you to see everything that we have been working on behind the scenes!

That is the exciting news for now. I must get back to work. There is a lot of writing going on. Not so much editing, as I had to take a break before I lost my mind. I’ll be back on that grind as well soon though.