Fall: A Year of Change: A Silver Leaf University novel




The first book in the Silver Leaf University series.

The beginning of his senior year at Silver Leaf University starts off happily; one year from completing his degree and even less time before he returns to the world of his heart, the family farm in Korea. Seonghun’s attention has faltered again. This time it isn’t his case of incurable homesickness returning; no, his attention is captured by his new quiet, elusive roommate. 

Maliah is a revelation to his world. She’s the opposite of him in almost every way; petite, driven, and most surprisingly of all – she’s black. 

Smart, focused, and talented, there is more to this young woman than meets the eye and he wants to know it all. Will she trust him enough to let him in? What changes in his life will she bring? How can he fit into her life? How can she fit into his?

They come from two different worlds but will they connect for longer than the Fall semester?

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