Spring: A Year of Change: A Silver Leaf University Novel paperback edition




pring Break!

Seonghun has never looked forward to, nor needed those two words more than after enduring the whole winter ordeal with Casey. He is even more pumped to go on vacation with his Liah, and their friends for Spring Break.

As they get closer to the end of the school year, Seong has to figure out how to make their love last through the upcoming distance. Seonghun is looking forward to planning a bright future with his girlfriend but try as he might, Shiwon can’t seem to shake his crush on Maliah. Will Shiwon eventually steal Maliah away, leave their friend group altogether, or will he conquer his feelings?

Liah is faced with a difficult task she’s avoided for a while; facing her parents and their neglect. Seong promises to be there for her every step of the way, but coming from a loving family, he is unsure how to support her.

All of this with graduation looming ahead is a lot for our group of friends. But Seong is certain that with Maliah by his side, they can accomplish anything.

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