Summer: A Year of Change: A Silver Leaf University novel paperback




Graduation means the end of four long years of hard work, even harder learning, and time for Seonghun to return home to Korea take over the family farm. It’s also time for his close-knit group of friends to put Silver Leaf, Indiana, and the chaos of their undergraduate years firmly behind them before stepping into the abyss of adulthood.

The close-knit friends decide to say an extended goodbye to each other by embarking on an epic road trip; the iconic Route 66; a car, a shared playlist, and a thoroughly written out map by one newly minted Maliah Pae is all the friends need to get by.

Seonghun is excited to explore more of the United States with his friends and partner, having only seen most of the country through the filter of television. However, the slight ball of dread in his belly gets bigger as they put more miles between them and the safety of their bubble at Silver Leaf. The dark underbelly of America is shown to them as they cross the country.

It’s never far from his mind that he must go back to Korea while Liah is in Los Angeles finishing her schooling. Separation anxiety is building, and even though Shiwon is mostly over his infatuation, will he be a help or a hindrance? Maliah and Seonghun, both are avoiding the subject as the future looms closer through the windshield of their rental.
One question that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue; can Seong and Liah go the distance?

The two of them want nothing else than to be together, but how will they manage to do so with an entire ocean between them for at least the next two years?

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