Winter: A Year of Change: A Silver Leaf University novel


This is book two in the Silver Leaf Series.



Book two of the Silver Leaf Series.

Just as Seonghun righted himself from the whirlwind of connecting with his love, girlfriend, future…his Maliah; he thinks it’s safe to relax and settle into their undefined relationship. As their connection grows deeper, they are testing their limits with themselves and each other. In the midst of all of this, Seonghun’s lab partner, Shiwon has started taking more than a passing interest in Liah. Is Shiwon going to be the thing that shatters what he is building with Maliah? Everything and everyone he holds dear is in danger, this time from the actions of a heartless person. Will Seong have the courage to tell Liah how he really feels before the winter’s snow freezes their relationship before it can bloom?

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