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I Wake Up and Get to Live a Childhood Dream!

There is this guy’s videos I watch sometimes. If I can find it again, I’ll post it here. He’s a cook and starts all his videos with “Mama, she said she wanted a little dip and I asked her had she ever head of this and so I decided to make it.” Then proceeds to tell a long winded story about whatever it is he is doing, be it making creamy crab artichoke dip, cooking for a rapper, or cooking for a wedding. Edit: His channel is called Pollo Wang (Thanks Erika!). Here is one of the videos:

That is how this feels. I’m doing a lot of long winded things to get to the finish line, but quite frankly, I am nearly there. At the end will be this beautiful thing that I get to hold in my hands and tell everyone that I made it, I wrote it. I never thought I would be here in my life. It’s to the point where I’ve even had a speaking gig, talking about what I did to get here. I wrote. That’s all I truly did. I wrote my short behind off, and continue to do so, nearly every single day. Along with edits to this book, I am writing other stories that expand this whole universe that I created.

If you are here, and haven’t signed up for my newsletter, or see me jabbering on twitter, there is a short story that is free to read. You simply sign up for the newsletter, you get the password, and BAM! You are on your way to meeting Seonghun, Yongjoon, and Minjun; some very important characters in my world.

In a couple of months, another short story will be released about this trio of men. You won’t see it unless you are on the newsletter list!

This is a compliment to the book that is coming out February 1st. Pre-Order for the e-book is now available! I hope you will check it out. The paperback will be available closer to the release date.

As far as the book goes, I have plans. I want to have a release party. It’s getting closer to time that I need to start figuring that sort of thing out. It will be in Indianapolis, and hopefully I’ll be holding it at a local bookstore. I want catering and stuff. We shall see. I picked the place out, I just need to follow up with them.

I can’t wait to bring you these characters. For the people that read them in their original iteration, I can’t wait to introduce you to their newer, shinier personas. Thank you as always for sticking with me. I’ll see you soon.

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