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I’ve been living my best life, I hope you have too!

August has come and gone. The heat in Indiana is still oppressive, however, the mornings are cooler. It has made weekend soccer games much better at least. I realized the weather was changing this morning, and immediately sneezed so hard for so long, that I was sweating. Note to self: Pick up allergy medication ASAP (no rocky)

This past weekend I was supposed to be at an event, however it got postponed. They pushed it out until next year. It’s okay though. I was feeling mighty sluggish, and didn’t really want to go anywhere. My next event is October where I will be in Monrovia, Indiana at their library’s author fair. I hope to see you there. I’ll be there with my books for sale, along with tea, bookmarks, and more.

A large flyer detailing the date and time of the Author Fair at the Monrovia Public library. On the left is a picture of the author Lisette Blythe

In some very exciting but long shot news, I put in an application to be part of the C2E2 Writers Block. For those of you that don’t know, C2E2 is the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. It is huge. They have an Artist Alley, but I never dreamed of applying. One of my readers (Thank you Emily!) tagged me on the Writers Block application. It is a curated space, not first come first serve, so they will make the final choices. Here is to hoping I am one of the chosen. I let my publisher’s team know and Alexis Craig signed up as well. I hope we both make it.

Can you believe that the first Silver Leaf University series is wrapping up? Book three is out now, and November will end this part of the journey for Seonghun. That isn’t the end of our friends though. I hope you will continue on with us as well! You can actually pre-order book four (Kindle only for now) today!

Speaking of the series, the store on my site is now open! For now you can get books one and two. Book three will be available soon, as well as some of the products I’ve designed, as well as the Liah’s Lemon Poundcake tea!

Those of you that have reached out either on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram, letting me know how you feel about the books are appreciated. Your words make me laugh, make me think, and I am so grateful to each one of you.

Well, I need to go continue to edit as well as get some other things done. Make sure you check out my social media to see what I am up to during the week. I’m going to leave you with some links to free books, so check them out, see if they are up your alley!

KU Romances
Hot Paranormal Romances
Help! My Kindle is Starving!
Love in Every Shade (Seonghun would approve)
Daddy and Damsels
Let’s *Fall* in Love this September
Story Sneak Peek September
Enemies to Lovers

Talk to you again soon!

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