Book Updates

The updates, the haps, the happenings!

I think you are entirely overdue for an update. Let’s make that happen, shall we?

Cover Reveal

So first things first, I had a cover reveal of my first book back in December. If you are part of my Discord, you had the opportunity to see the cover before anyone else:

Isn’t it lovely!?

I was so excited! To the point that I even busted out the Cricut to make a banner to celebrate. I may make one for every cover, in coordinating colors. We shall see.

Book Launch & Party

We are pretty much halfway through January, which means we only have fifteen or more so days until the release of my book! I am excited, I am nervous, and scared. I’ve talked about all of these feelings on Tiktok. What if people don’t resonate with my characters as much as I do. People have said good things about my book, but still, the worry remains. I’m pushing through however and celebrating me the best way I know how. With a book release party. If you are in the Indianapolis area, you are invited.

I hope you will join us. I mean, free cookie!?

Other Book News

I didn’t realize how much of the book business was down to the wire to be completely honest with you. I just got finished this past week peer reviewing someone else’s book that comes out before mine. She isn’t done peer reviewing mine, but I will see her suggestions soon. By the way, I am not the only one at my agency coming out with a book this year!

We have a little something for everyone at Three Fortnights Press!

So yeah, a lot of stuff has been going on. I’ve been linking up and talking with other authors on Tiktok, as well as trying to drum up a little press as well. If you are a local media person, and are interested in my story, feel free to reach out! I have a handy dandy press kit.

Yeah, that’s what has been going on. I’ve also been working on crafting things for when I inevitably go on the road to sell my book. Oh! Also, I am now set up as a business in the state of Indiana. I paid money so I’m allowed to charge taxes, which, don’t get me started on how weird I think that is. I have to pay to do something that the law requires me to do. Government is a grift, and you can’t tell me any different. I’ll be using Square to take payments, so if you have any advice, or any helpful links, I am more than happy to look at them. Until next time!

While I was selecting a video, I watched Monsta X’s comeback video and got distracted. Lord I love those men.

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