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It feels as if it has been one hundred years

I haven’t been around on this platform, and I apolgize. Life gets in the way. I post a ton on other social media, while somehow neglecting this. However, I am here, let’s chat.

July 7th is Femme Audio takeover. What is this? Well, my friend Ruthie is both an author and audiobook narrator. Last year she came together with a bunch of other femme audiobook narrators and Authors. Together, the narrators recorded pieces of author’s books. Not full audiobooks mind you, but just snippets of books. The voices they were reading were femme presenting characters who were standing in their own power.

They are doing the same thing this year! I am delighted to join as well as share a piece of Liah that you can listen to. While it will be in the Discord (Link on main page of this blog). You’ll also find it on Tiktok. I hope you see it, and comment!

On the 14th of July I am headed to the Imaginarium convention in Louisville Kentucky. I will be selling my book as well as a few other odds and ends. Come on in, buy a book, get it signed, and calm me down from thinking no one is going to buy anything from me. Also I’m introverted, so this is a lot.

Other than that, I am hard at work finalizing edits for book three, as well as book four. That will take us into the end of the year. As for next year? Well, let’s get through this one first.

Until next time!

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